Wines Reputation with the Youthful Drinker

Wine has a bit of a reputation, the swirling, sniffing and spitting, the need to describe its fruity notes. It also has the association amongst many youth of a Frasier/Niles type drinker. So how can the Wine Industry appeal to the younger drinkers?

First there’s the intimidation of choice. Which wine would they like? What does varietal mean? How can I tell a good wine when there are 45 different types to choose just in the grocery store?

Not everyone is going to research before they enter into the shop to purchase wine. So how can the Wine Industry appeal to youth and clear up some of the mysteries surrounding wine drinking?

How to communicate with the youth market?

As many of us have come to realize, the advertising industry is changing, the way that youth receives their information is changing; Cell phones, Internet, Social Networking and the integration of all these new forms of communication. Inevitably companies have already found a hundred ways to advertise their products, everywhere that youth now receive and share information. There are pop up ads, inline ads, and ad sense to name a few, by companies such as google that tailor advertising based on the content of a web page.

The “kids” are smart though. They know how to filter out information just as easily as they receive it. So how do you capture the audience that is already overloading themselves with information?

Another problem we must approach is that of binge drinking. We need to be encouraging the younger market to get involved in the excitement, and enjoyment of good tasting wine, but we don’t want to encourage them to drink it in excess. It is important to exercise the message of moderation.

Wine needs a new reputation.

So now we have an idea of where to find the younger wine drinkers. How are we going to give wine a makeover? There’s nothing wrong with the product itself, obviously. It’s the stuffy-nosed, stuck up, attitude that needs to be modified. We could try specific wine tasting events for the 20-25 market in places that are less intimidating. Taking the wine out of the winery and into local restaurants where youth usually go. At the events face to face with the consumer you will be able to encourage them that wine is not just for Frasier and Niles type drinkers that we don’t need to spit, but perhaps explain why some do.

Using Social Networking.

Myspace, Facebook, and many other social networking sights allow you to start groups. You could start a wine tasting group, or other, that encourages the younger market to join. Give it a snazzy title, and description that will appeal to them.

Using Adsense you can tailor advertising to appeal to a specific market. Find out what attracts the 20-25 year old market to click on an advertisement and find out more about a product.

To wrap it up in a brown bag;

The truth is, that many people do want to learn more about wine, but are intimidated by its reputation or perhaps they think it’s boring, while many of us know discovering the finer glass of sanjiovese is anything but boring!

Targeting the youth market is an investment. As people get older they may become more interested in learning about wine, and discovering great wine. Using the new communication tools given to us, there’s no excuse wine-not!



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