Severe Leg Cramps: Information and Prevention Measures

If you’ve ever gone through a leg cramp or any sort of unexpected muscle spasm, then you know how extremely painful these occurrences can be. The pain may only last a minute or even a couple of seconds, but severe leg cramps tend to leave a dull stinging or aching sensation that can last for weeks at a time. Leg cramps that occur at night often times leave the sufferer with a limp that can greatly limit their physical capabilities for weeks at a time. This is absolutely unacceptable for most people, especially if they are an athlete or regularly engage in any sort of physical activity or exercise, so it’s important that you learn as much about muscle spasms and what you can do to treat or prevent them before you find yourself in an altogether uncomfortable situation.

Your muscles require a constant supply of vitamins, minerals, hydration and exercise in order to function properly. Failure to include any of these things into your daily lifestyle will always result in bad health, but if leg cramps or muscle spasms begin occurring regularly, it is a good sign that you might need to change a few things in your daily routine. If your cramping only seems to occur at night while you are in bed, you may want to consider drinking plenty of water right before you go to bed – you might have to wake up once or twice to use the bathroom, but it’s much better than waking up to the horrible pain that coincides with any sort of muscle spasm.

The things that you eat can really change the way your muscles function, both positively and negatively. Magnesium and Potassium have been directly linked to cramps occurring in skeletal muscles within the body, so being sure to keep plenty of these minerals in your body at all times will almost always lessen the occurrence of your muscle cramps, whether they occur while you sleep at night or during the day. Since a muscle that you neglect to work out regularly is also at risk of cramping, performing some basic stretches before going to bed at night will help to ensure that your muscles remain limber and cramp-free throughout the night.



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