Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush

If you have been hearing about the Master Cleanse or the Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush, then you must be curious. Does this work and is it something that is safe.

I have been researching all about the Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush and have found that this is a part of the Master Cleanse itself. It is very safe, and very beneficial.

You actually do the salt water flush along with the rest of the master cleanse. There is an alternative option, you can use the cleanse tea called smooth move instead if you would like to.

What is the purpose of the master cleanse salt water flush.

The salt water flush will help you to go to the bathroom and have a bowel movement first thing in the morning. This will help your body to eliminate any toxins that are lying around inside your intestine.

Throughout the years your body can have fecal matter and other toxins that don’t get fully eliminated. The master cleanse salt water flush will actually get you cleaned out and help your bowel to heal itself. This will get your body working better to help with weight loss and getting rid of things that you don’t want in there.

The flush is different from other laxative and enemas. This is because it cleans out the whole intestine from top to bottom  . Not just the colon like the others do. It cleans out your whole system.

What To Expect With The Master Cleanse Salt Water Flush

The whole reason that you will need help to have that morning bowel movement, is because you won’t be eating any solid foods while doing the cleanse. The master cleanse salt water flush will help to bring on the much needed trips to the toilet.

You need to do this flush on an empty stomach-this is why first thing in the morning is suggested. Then once you consume the salt water you will have to wait about 1/2 hour to an hour before your time will come.

At first your intestines will start to gurgle…let the master cleanse salt water flush work for awhile. When you can’t hold it any longer then go ahead and sit on the toilet. You will probably empty close to the whole quart of water the very first time you go.

You will have some follow up trips to the toilet until it is all out of your system. It should be all over an hour or so after your first bowel movement.

Here is a link to some helpful tips for the master cleanse salt water flush I found.

If you are thinking of doing the Master cleanse and the master cleanse salt water flush you may want some tips to make it a little easier.

There are some tips to help you make it easier to swallow the master cleanse salt water flush.

  1. You can try brushing your teeth first…the mint can help with the taste
  2. You can use warm water an envision you are drinking a broth of some sort.
  3. You can use a straw.

It is better however, to drink it all at once and avoid sipping it. It will be a lot easier if you drink it fast.

Doing the master cleanse salt water flush is definitely a commitment in and of itself. Actually any cleanse for weight loss is. But with that commitment comes extreme satisfaction. Knowing that you will be on the road to a healthier and slimmer you!



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