Lower Left Abdominal Pain Stretches

Lower abdominal pain is very common in our world today. It had been around for quite a while now and it is even on the rise as the years roll by. Today, several adults are experiencing it. It is also very important to note that there is no age group that can’t be affected by this health situation. It had however been noted that the occurrence is higher among adults. Statistics have shown however that up to eighty percent of adults in the United States does have one form of abdominal pain or the other. In case you are one of the adults that are having the described health situation above, you will need to go through this write up. It is sure to get you educated on how to perform some stretches for your abdominal pain in order to control your lower back pain.

What the stretches can do

It can have lots of effect on your core muscles. In fact, it can get them strengthened. The muscles are built to support the spine. When they are strengthened, they help to relieve your lower left pain. This had also been known to help in preventing stiffness of your joints. If your doctor does not lay any embargo on exercise, you will do well to go through the stretches; as they are able to help you out of the pain in the lower left abdomen. In order to stretch the muscles mentioned above, you will need to move about a lot.

How much of it should be done?

While you are doing the stretches, you will need to place strict restriction on the frequency of the stretches you are performing. You should always involve your doctor so as not to end up injuring yourself at the end of the day. If the stretches begin to add to your pain, I guess it is time for you to put an end to it.

Some common lower back pain stretches

Some of the common stretches that can relieve your abdominal pain are described below:

Knee fold

You need to lie flat on the floor with your face upward. Let your knees be raised up and use your hands to grasp them close to your chest. Straighten your right leg and let it lie parallel to the flat surface of the floor with your heel resting on the floor. Pull your left knee onto your right leg with your hand. Allow the left feet to touch the ground on the other side of your right leg. Hold this position for up to ten to fifteen seconds.


This is another useful stretch. Lie face down on the floor and allow your toes to point backward. Raise your shoulders by pressing your hands into your armpit. Press your hips close to the floor as you extend your arms sideways. Hold this position for as long as you can.


There are several other kinds of stretches that you can perform for your lower left abdominal pain. But you will do well to consider the one above. They too can help you in putting paid to that unwanted pain.



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