Keep The Clutter Under Control

If you have a large family and you live in a limited space, you might have troubles keeping the clutter under control. Here are some very simple tips on how to manage this problem.

Tip No.1 – Try to count how many times you go into each room of your home. Now imagine how productive you might be if each time you enter a room you contribute to its tidiness. Thus once you go into a room looking for something, before you leave the premise you can pick up a blouse or a towel from the floor and put it in the right place.

Tip No.2 – Almost every day we buy new things – something interesting, something new, but most of the times it is something useless. Try to follow the rule of “if a new thing is in, an old one is out” and you can avoid big clutter in your home. You can donate old toys or older outdated clothes when you know you will no longer use them.

Tip No.3 – Follow the rule “Think big” and find a place for items that are quite big and you don’t use every day, like ironing board.

Tip No.4 – Collect all newspapers, magazines, bills, leaflets, catalogues in a special basket, ready for recycling. Do not allow the paper pile to become much higher but regularly dispose of it.

Tip No.5 – Never go to bed in the evening before clearing the kitchen. You will feel much happier in the morning when you have your cup of coffee in a clean and tidy kitchen. There will be less clutter and less stress during the morning rush.

Tip No. 6 – Teach the members of your family that cleaning is not only mum’s job. Give a task to everyone, even to the small ones. Simple jobs, like dusting the chairs, mopping the cutlery after dinner, sorting the clothes after washing, could make a big difference to any busy mother.

Tip No.7 – Once a month provide a deep cleaning to your home. Use some of the cleaners Islington professional companies offer. If you choose, for example carpet cleaning Islington professional cleaners will make from your home a nice and healthy place for living.



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