Frustrated Health Researcher Develops Incredible Tattoo Healing Cream Stops Your Tattoo Infection Fast

If you are now looking for a tattoo healing cream, I would guess that you already have had your tattoo done, n0 problem, but you have left it a little late. Not too late, just a little late.

You see, after treating tattoo infections for twenty odd years, I can tell you this is what normally happens. You get all excited about the tattoo you are going to have. You think about the design, you think about the colours, would it look better here or here? You are really excited about this beautiful picture that you are going to have on your body. And why not? It’s your body and you can do what you want. At this stage there very little thought of any tattoo healing cream.

You go along to the studio, the staff is great fun and there are already loads of pictures of satisfied clients. The staffs very helpful and help you choose the design and location of this beautiful tattoo. Then they get to work.

OK, so it hurts a bit, but hey, you expected that, right? After a while of grimacing and the occasional ‘Owwwww!’ your tattoo is done. And shit, does it look great! At this point the tattoo artist mentions something called tattoo healing cream. You say ‘Oh yes, no problem’. You grab the tin; half listen to the instructions and head off to show your friends your latest tatt.

A couple of days later, you ‘feel’ there is something ‘wrong’. The tattoo is itching and you call the tattoo artist. They tell you not to worry, it is quite normal, that you should keep putting the tattoo healing cream on and don’t scratch the tattoo. Much easier said than done, Believe me, I know…

Depending on what tattoo healing cream they have given you, will depend what happens to your tattoo and your health over the next few days. Most tattoo healing creams do very little other than moisturise the tattoo. They may have some antimicrobial properties, but if you have an infection in your tattoo, it will not be enough.

This is what has happened. Somehow, and I am not blaming the tattoo artist at all, somehow you have got living bacteria in your tattoo. They are breeding, poisoning your system. If you now put more tattoo healing cream onto the tattoo, you are locking the bacteria into your tattoo.

99% of the time this is not the tattoo artists fault. They could follow every tattoo cleanliness guideline and you could still get infected. The bacteria are airborne and may have landed in your tattoo from the atmosphere. Just look at how many hospitals struggle with MRSA and staph infections. It really is a big problem.

Anyway, your choices are these. Go to the Doctors and get some antibiotics. These will be expensive, and they may work.

Or you could use Tattoo Doctor. Tattoo Doctor is the king of tattoo healing creams. In fact it is not a cream at all. It is a blend of natural liquid antibiotics that you use a tattoo healing cream. Ideally Tattoo Doctor should be applied immediately you have had your tattoo. This will

1) kill off any bacteria in the fresh tattoo

2) it will keep your tattoo moisturised

3) it will prevent excess scabbing

4) it will keep the colours fresh and bright

5) it promotes rapid and fast healing of new skin

6) it prevents tattoo itching

7) it helps prevent tattoo pain

8) you can apply Tattoo Doctor several times a day whilst your tattoo is healing

9) it is simple and easy to use and non-toxic.

So if you already have a tattoo then get ordering it now and our staff will get it out to you today. The powerful antibiotics will be with you in a few days. Rub it on several times a day and then in future take the Tattoo Doctor to the studio and put it on your tattoo immediately you have it done.

I hoped this helped you in knowing more about tattoo healing creams.



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