Cheap Red Wines for 10 or less

Finding a cheap red wine that also tastes good usually means foregoing wine specialty stores and experimenting at the drug store or supermarket where prices are often significantly cheaper. If you are lucky you will visit on a day where wines are being offered for sampling, allowing you to try before you buy. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Believe it or not, there are a number of very drinkable red wines available for around $10 or less that you can enjoy without sacrificing quality for cost.

Verget du Sud’s Au Fils du Temps from Burgundy is perhaps one of the better value red wines around. It is a blend of mostly Grenache (generally) and because it is non-vintage offers a slightly different experience with every release. One year may offer a beautiful floral nose that delights the palate while the next may yield more spice or earth. All wines differ somewhat from vintage to vintage but what distinguishes this one from the rest is that it is blended from the juice of grapes harvested at different times from different vineyards. The juice is fermented separately and selected for blending at various maturations making every bottle a new adventure.

From Italy’s Molise region, the Molissimo, a blend of Aglianico and Montepulciano, offers the perfect blend of flowers and earth. It has a fantastic nose and is somewhat lightweight in body. It is more or less a table wine but it can be consumed socially without food.

Stella Merlot hails from Veneto, Italy and is made from 100% Merlot grapes fermented in stainless steel. It is young, light and fruity and meant to be consumed early. Because it pairs easily with a variety of foods it is an excellent choice as a party wine.

The Elsa Bianchi Malbec from Mendoza Argentina offers ripe fruit on the nose and slight spice on the palate. Is a little tight when first opened and therefore decanting is highly recommended.

Almira Los Dos is a highly fruit forward Grenache and Syrah blend from Spain’s Campo de Borja region. It is completely unoaked which makes it suitable for sipping at social gatherings without the need for food.

Artazuri Garnacha has a nice, subtle, aromatic nose and is equally nice on the palate. This light and fruity wine hails from Spain’s Navarra Region. It is a nice alternative to some of the heavier styles of Garnacha.

D’Arenburg’s Stump Jump from McLaren Vale, Australia is another pleasant fruit forward red wine that is also a good value. It takes its name from a piece of equipment used to clear the old vineyard.

The best way to find value priced wines that taste good is to frequent places that offer wine tasting or at least wine flights where you can try a number of wines for free or for a nominal fee and usually with some kind of bread or cheese. Don’t forget that most old world style wines are table wines meant to be consumed with food and therefore will provide a different experience when tried on their own.



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