Cheap Good Wines

Believe it or not, it is possible to find reasonably priced wines (many under $10) to fit into your budget that you would actually want to drink. Some of the same bottles at the small wine specialty stores can often be found on the shelves at larger national retailers such as World Market, Whole Foods and even Walmart. The prices on these wines will often be at least two to three dollars less than what you would pay at the smaller specialty stores because the larger stores have more buying power and shelf space. Since these stores will usually rotate their stock of a particular vintage of wine just as they do with other products stocked seasonally, it is even possible to catch some of these value wines on sale.

Cost Plus World Market also has a wide selection of quality wines. The assortment of vintages varies from state to state but to see a list of which wines are available in your area you can visit their web site ( The company regularly sends out special offers to email subscribers which can feature wines for as low as five dollars or less. At prices like that you can experiment and not be too disappointed if you don’t find something to love right away.

While many stores offer a discount with the purchase of an entire case of wine, there are a few retailers such as Whole Foods Market that offer the same discount off the purchase of just six bottles. Walmart may seem like an unlikely place to buy wines but the prices are good and the selection offers some very drinkable surprises.

Some of the specialty wine stores are large enough to offer sale prices on wines they are looking to clear out, especially those wines that are not meant to be kept for years and years. These stores also need to make room for the new bottles that are constantly flowing in so you can sometimes find great clearance deals.

Grocery salvage stores are another place to potentially find good wines at great prices. It doesn’t happen often and you will more than likely have to pick through some not so great offerings but on occasion you will be able to find good bottles for $5 or less.

The important thing is to keep an open mind and be willing to experiment. If at all possible get to know the people working in the wine sections of these stores. Often they have tried the wines that are for sale in the stores and can give you advice based on what you like in a wine. As you develop relationships with the store employees they will remember your likes and dislikes and be able to make recommendations when you return to the store in the future.



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