Bullous Infantigo

Bullous Infantigo is a form of skin infection usually known as impetigo and it generally happens to all the people of different ages. The most frequent case of this type of impetigo is that lesions or blisters appear on different parts of the body or at a site of trauma, which turns to the infection. This site of sores and lesions are susceptible for bacteria attack and the skin can be pierced by bacteria that cause impetigo. The other sites of the attack may include insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes, and patches of eczema, etc.


Fluid-filled blisters are formed on the face, trunk, limbs, or in the diaper area, and it is the direct symbol of Bullous Infantigo. These blisters break and leak easily, and consequently leave a thin film of dead skin around a moist sore that may form a scab. If not taken care, this can increase to other parts of the body through skin infection. Staph is almost always the cause of bullous impetigo.


Bullous Infantigo is quite contagious and can be spread by touch and by shared objects used by the affected person. It lasts longer than the other types of impetigo, and therefore, precautions are necessary for a longer period. Treatment of bullous Infantigo, usually, is continued for 7-10 days.


Antibiotic treatment of bullous Infantigo


Oral antibiotics, including derivatives of penicillin, erythromycin, and cephalexin are prescribed for patients with this condition and are given for 7 to 10 days. A prescription of a strong topical antibiotic, such as mupirocin, is also very safe and effective in many cases.



However, the best treatment for bullous Infantigo remains prevention and precautions to avoid the disease, altogether. Whenever you see some symptoms that can lead to it, consult your doctor and do as per the advice. Home care and proper hygiene often help in reducing the chances of impetigo. Washing the clothes and hands with antibiotic soap is also helpful. You should bear this in mind that impetigo is strongly contagious and you should not share or contact a person who is suffering from this disease.



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